18 Tips on How To Get Rid of Hiccups

Hiccups can be quite annoying. In addition, they tend to occur anywhere and at any time. This can be during a concert, just before that job interview and so on. The remedies are quite simple to quite weird. The point is that you need to try the following tips on how to get rid of hiccups and opt for the ones that work for you.

How Do You Get Hiccups?

Hiccups are contractions of the diaphragm which occur suddenly and involuntary at the same time as a contraction of the voice box (larynx). This often results when there is a total closure of the glottis which can effectively block air intake. The glottis is the middle part of the larynx, where the vocal cords are located.

Hiccups are medically known as SDF (synchronous diaphragmatic flutter) or singultus and can often occur for no apparent reason. Anyone can get hiccups and in fact, it’s common to get a bout of hiccups every now and again and so should you get one, there is no need for alarm. In the majority of cases, hiccups can resolve without any treatment within a few minutes. But if you want to get rid of hiccups fast, the following tips might help.

Below Are 18 Tips on
How To Get Rid of Hiccups

1. Fool your nervous system by distracting it. This can be done by pressing the palm of your hand with the thumb of the other hand. This is quite a discreet way to stop hiccups.

2. Hold your breath. Try to do it for as long as you possibly can.

3. Think of something to distract your mind. It can even be a neon sign on the road. This can distract your mind and perhaps the hiccups will go away.

4. To get rid of hiccups, the first thing that comes to mind is to have water. Perhaps a sip will do it for you. Or else, you may even opt to gulp down a glassful. Sometimes, taken little sips of water several times can help to get hiccups away.

5. If you can, put a few drops of vinegar in your mouth. This usually helps but not in all cases. However, it’s giving a try.

6. Try to drink water by sipping it from the far side of the glass. You would have to tilt the glass in the other direction then.

7. In order to know how to get rid of hiccups, bring your knees up to your chest and hug them tight. This way you can press your diaphragm and your hiccups may stop.

8. In case you are in a secluded place, stick out your tongue. This allows more air to reach your lungs and impact your hiccups.

9. Another method on how to get rid of hiccups that have worked for me in the past is to take a glass of hot water, as hot as you can possibly sip. Do not make it boiling hot.

10. Take a lemon and cut it into half. Now suck on one half very slowly till the hiccups stop.

11. Take a glass of real cold water. Now sip on it very slowly. Continue till the hiccups stop.

12. Take an ice cube and suck on it. Again, continue sucking until the hiccups stop or repeat the process severally until you longer have the hiccups.

13. Put some grains of sugar in your mouth. Now let the saliva melt it. Once it has melted completely, swallow this sugar.


13. Take some cold water and gargle with it. Repeat this several times until the hiccups stop. If it doesn’t stop, wait for about 10 – 15 minutes and then try it again.

14. Swallow some air. During that time, put some gentle pressure on your nose. This is a highly effective remedy for controlling hiccups.

15. Try burping. This is best done in case you have just consumed a heavy meal or have been drinking a lot of soda or aerated drinks. Some people find that if they take some sips of fizzy drink and burp, their hiccups usually stop.

16. Breathe in and hold your breath as long as you possibly can. Now breathe out slowly. Try to do this a couple of times. In case the hiccups still do not go away, you can repeat this process.

17. Take a paper bag. Now try to breathe into it. Do this several times in a roll and see whether the hiccups stop

18. With your hands, try to press your diaphragm slowly. 

All these remedies given above on how to get rid of hiccups are quite simple and can be done by anybody. You may find that by following some of these tips, you will be able to get rid of hiccups instantly.

Final Take On How To Get Rid of Hiccups

The last option is to simply wait and let the hiccups go away on their own. If however, you find that this is persistent for many days, you may want to consult your doctor as a last resort.

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