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This Pack Includes:

  • Weight Loss Made Simple (EBOOK)
  • Weight Loss Made Simple (AUDIOS)
  • Core Ab Workout At Home (VIDEO)
  • 25 Health and Wellness Tips (VIDEO)
  • 30 Ways To Relax (VIDEO)

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If you've been trying to lose weight without any or much success, you may have just stumbled upon something that could finally help you shed those pounds for good - without a single day of starvation! This pack includes short workout strategies for losing weight and some tips for living a healthy life. You'll also find some very good tips on how to relax comfortably and get your life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR BUSY MUMS

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Of The Combo Pack

#1: Weight Loss Made Simple

(Ebook & Audio Programs)

In this ebook and audio program, you'll learn:

  • How to do your cardio in a way that burns 9 times as much fat. And you’ll do it in less time!
  • The key to understanding the Glycemic Index. Skip this and you’ll never reach your weight loss goals!
  • Which food source can actually boost your metabolism at rest by 268%
  • Quickly Get Results By Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  • Learn the TRUTH about complex carbohydrates
  • And Much, Much More..

The Chapters In Ebook & Audios

  • CHAPTER #1: Nutrition 101
  • CHAPTER #2: Macronutrients
  • CHAPTER #3: Simple nutrition rules for longterm fatloss
  • CHAPTER #4: What to eat? Nutrition guidelines
  • CHAPTER #5: A day of healthy eating
  • CHAPTER #6: The best form of exercise to incinerate body fat
  • CHAPTER #7: 3 month cardio fat fat loss plan
  • CHAPTER #8: Action plan to begin the weight loss journey today

How To Use The Audio Programs

You can burn the audios to your MP3 device and listen to them while in the Gym, in your car or at home when doing your house chores

#2: Core Ab Workout

(VIDEO - Running Time: 8.25)

Ripped Strong Abs: Fierce Core Workout For Women With Personal Trainer - step by step tutorial with demonstration/instruction.

This video is short and straight to the point and you can follow this exercise to workout at home at your comfortable time

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#3: 25 Health and Wellness Tips

(VIDEO - Running Time: 4.42)

This high quality video contains 25 very useful health and wellness tips you can practice to improve your overall health. It's 4.42 minutes long and so you can easily go through it every morning to remind you of how to live your life for the day. Good for keeping yourself on track of your goal.

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#4: 30 Ways To Relax

(VIDEO - Running Time: 4.42)

Are you are busy bee never having time for yourself? In this short 4.42 minutes long video, you'll find 30 simple ways to give back to yourself, relax and unwind. Relaxing is a good therapy for keeping health in good shape. Try these tips now.

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